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01:48am 04/09/2004
  i think people are sword fighting on my lawn. i live with monkeys who have learned to use tools.

badgie's basement room is now officially a bachelor pad and i don't expect him to move out for the next fifteen years. who needs to when you have video games, red walls, and two huge posters of marilyn monroe.

i think this week is going to be craaazy. i am officially in debt, which is a quietly disconcerting thing to be. also which means tomorrow i will look for a job to keep up my lifestyle of frittering money away on small pretty things.

PSPSPS i think it's turning into fall. i knitted a hat and i like it, but it makes everyone else look weird. maybe i am just deluded. i need to do more things, but i am excited that i will get to actually be a go go dancing tongueforhire, if only for one night. oh what a slippery slope...

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10:17am 26/05/2004
  last night, i woke up from a tumultuous dream to find a strange thing happening.

from the small window by my bed, a gathering of fireflies slowly made their way into my room, in a perfect single row. they spread out into a cloud of light, twirled about the window, rested briefly on my curtains, and then danced back out into the wild.

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